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Addressing the cyber-security risks for rail

Supported by:

30 June 2020

Supported by:

30 June 2020

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With participation from ENISA.

Due to advances in digital solutions and innovative technology, our railways are now operating more efficiently and safely, with an improved experience for passengers and customers. But with these advances comes the increased risk of cyber-threats.

Watch this free webinar to hear from rail industry experts about how the rail sector is reacting to challenges surrounding cyber-security.

During the webinar, experts discussed:

  • The main technological barriers regarding cyber-security
  • What is the most effective cyber ‘attitude’ for an organisation?
  • Learning best-practice from other industries and their cyber-security approach
  • Learning from previous cyber-attacks that have impacted rail
  • How advances in digital solutions and innovative technology can deliver robust cyber-security measures.


Jesus MolinaDr. Jesus Molina, Director of Industrial IoT, Waterfall Security Solutions Ltd.




DimitraDimitra Liveri, Network and Information Security Expert, The European Union Agency for Cyber-Security (ENISA)

Dimitra has been working at ENISA since 2010 focusing on Critical Information Infrastructure protection. She has launched activities in the healthcare sector and coordinates activities under the transport sector. She is member of the team supporting the EU Member States with policy implementation such as the NIS Directive.

marianthi-theocharidouMarianthi Theocharidou, Network and Information Security Officer, The European Union Agency for Cyber-Security (ENISA)

Marianthi has experience in cyber-security, critical infrastructure protection and resilience, and risk management. She is currently working actively to assist Member States in the consistent implementation of the NIS Directive (NISD) and to support public and private stakeholders to enhance the security and resilience of their infrastructures and services.

Michael L. WoodsonMichael L. Woodson, Chief Information Security Officer, MBTA

Michael is responsible for the MBTA’s total information security needs and the development and delivery of a comprehensive information security strategy to optimise the security posture of the organisation. Michael is an IT information security professional with over 20 years’ experience and has a deep understanding of operational and information technology processes, the implementation of cost-effective controls and security safe guards to monitor and mitigate risks.

One response to “Addressing the cyber-security risks for rail”

  1. Antonios Kounavos says:

    Very good analysis, giving an insight on all these issues that most of us, don’t or didn’t know they exist. May thanks to the organisers for providing this webinar, we hope that more will follow.

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